Competent team shapes the business

I will help you build and develop a marketing team to deliver well-thought-out marketing strategies that will lead to prosperity.


When can I help you?

Do you want to build a marketing department and don’t know where to start and how to do it?

Are you new to the position of marketing director or manager

…and you would benefit from a consultation with a mentor where you would:

  • set the mission, vision and goals of the department
  • think over the organizational structure, roles and responsibilities
  • describe basic marketing processes such as planning, introducing a new product to the market, determining a pricing strategy, etc.

Do you want to improve your team’s marketing skills,

…to build a strong team that will be a partner not only for the sales department, but also for the agencies?

I will prepare training for your team according to your needs: we can focus on improving marketing competencies (marketing P), writing briefs for agencies, communicating with agencies, project management of complex marketing projects, or setting up or improving basic marketing processes

The course of cooperation

1. Determining the goal of cooperation
what we want to achieve and in what time frame

2. Audit with the aim of ascertaining the current state
detection of the current state through:

  • interview with key persons
  • filling in the questionnaire by the client

3. Personal presentation of recommendations

  • audit conclusions – key findings
  • draft recommendation of possible next steps

4. Determining the scope of further cooperation
selection of next steps by the client from the presented recommendations

5. Cooperation with the marketing department according to the assignment
joint thinking, workshops, courses

6. A functioning and delivering marketing team

Case studies


Long-term cooperation (2 years) on the implementation of a set marketing strategy, during which we continuously improve the client’s marketing skills with a focus on communication (editorial plan, activity plan, evaluation of the effectiveness of individual channels, suggestions for improvements, etc.)


Kateřina Kubů
marketing manager

Rates and duration of cooperation

Cooperation begins with steps 1-3:

Price: 55,000 CZK
Duration: depending on the cooperation of the client, 4-8 weeks

Further cooperation and its price depends on the required scope of cooperation selected by the client:

Hourly rate = CZK 4,000 

I can also organise workshops or trainings focused on a specific topic:

For example: proposition, pricing strategy, …..
Price negotiable

Non-binding request

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