Lucie Hejhalová

I bring positive energy, structure and inspiration to joint thinking about marketing / corporate strategy and personal development / leadership.

I am a senior mentor of marketing strategy and leadership

I have been involved in marketing my entire professional career, 25 years. I studied marketing, worked for over 12 years in multinational companies, where I moved from brand management positions to the position of a marketing director and a board member.

Expertise from multinational companies

I have experience not only from the Czechoslovak market, but also from a regional position for Central and Eastern Europe with responsibility for comprehensive brand management.

In all my roles, leading and developing the competencies of my marketing team has been important. I am proud that many of my subordinates have grown into the roles of Marketing Directors and CEOs in FMCG and Pharmaceutical companies.


I’ve been freelancing for the past 10 years, helping companies from a variety of industries create and implement inspiring and meaningful marketing strategies that bring them prosperity and people a sense of fulfillment.


You can find more about my professional activities on Linkedin.

I will be happy to offer my knowledge and experience to you and your team.