Authentic leader is inspirational

I will be your guide on the journey to developing and managing successful team. I believe that when a person is himself and makes full use of his unique abilities, he lives a fulfilling, meaningful and joyful life. In this way, he inspires his colleagues and becomes a natural leader.

When can I help you?

I will be your thinking partner: I will give structure to your thoughts, I will expand your views with new stimuli and inspiration, and you will then choose the most suitable solution for which we will prepare a clear action plan.

What situations can we analyze together?

Business topics, projects or challenges that you are currently solving:

    • Development of brands and markets
    • Setting a pricing strategy in the face of rising input and labor prices
    • Setting changes in the company / team

Personal development topics:

    • How to move on with your work life
    • How to improve your management and leadership skills

Topics related to leading and developing your team:

    • Setting the team’s mission, vision and values
    • Your leadership styles, how to expand them and use the right ones
    • Description of individual roles, responsibilities and powers

The course of cooperation:

1. Determination of the goal of cooperation

Where do you want to move, what do you want to achieve?

2. Consultations

  • It is mostly a long-term cooperation (6 months – 1 year). I have been working with many clients for several years.
  • Consultations take place as needed, most often once every 4 weeks.
  • The consultation lasts 2 hours.




“At the beginning of my career, I struggled with how to approach a long-term development plan and how to set specific goals for myself. During the session with Lucka, I clarified everything so that I know which steps are meaningful for me in the future and what to focus on in order to develop in exactly the direction that will be fun for me and at the same time move me further towards a clearly defined goal. Since Lucka has a lot of experience in the field in which I also work, she also helped me with specific matters that I was dealing with at work. Combining coaching with mentoring in my field proved to be an ideal combination that suits me perfectly and helps me.”

Petra Kotíková
Petra Kotíková
Customer Marketing Manager

“In cooperation with Lucia, we created a very high-quality foundation for our digital strategy. I especially appreciate her energy and passion for the cause. Thanks to this, we moved forward very quickly, and the new strategy was thus given a concrete structure and form.”

Prilesan Martin
Martin Prílesan
Business Unit Manager

“I have known Lucka for a long time as a marketing expert. We both went through the “Unilever school”, so I dare to say that we have a very similar view on creating and properly defining a brand. That was also one of the reasons why I asked Lucka for help with the further direction of my advertising agency. After 15 years of operation, I felt the need to take an “inventory” of the current state and, based on it, set the next direction of the company. I had been thinking about these things myself for a long time, but under Lucka’s guidance, my thoughts quickly began to take the right direction and everything resulted in a clearly defined strategic plan. Our cooperation continues successfully in the framework of various training courses and trainings intended for the entire agency team.”


“During our joint workshops, Lucie, with her creative way, right questions and positive energy, not only helped me organize my thoughts, but also opened up space for me to think from a completely different angle than before. I found a way in which direction to go towards my “dream” goal. I realized what I need to build on, how to grasp it and what not to forget. It was very inspiring for my further work with my team. Thank you for being able to work with Lucka, it was a pleasure, and if there is another opportunity, I’m looking forward to it now 😊”

Hrnčířová Hana
Hana Hrnčířová
Sales manager

My experience with Lucie’s personal coaching was clearly one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the last year. Personally, I consider myself not an easy person to fully read and open up to, and I tend to keep my distance from strangers (even if they excel with references). However, Lucie completely disarmed me not only with her work and mental level, insight and experience, but also with her genuine empathy in every situation we discussed. Her methods, experience and complete calmness for dealing with burning situations were a complete hit for me. Lucie taught me that I can keep any situation under my control, and what seems impossible at the beginning, she breaks down into concrete steps in such a way that things seemed ridiculously simple and solvable. And how did I know that I was clearly in good hands? When I thought that Lucie would be a wonderful boss for me, who I would like to look up to.”

Pisingerova Andrea
Andrea Pisingerová
Marketing manager

“I met Lucie when I was at a crossroads looking for a direction to take with my team to be successful. After a few consultations, I was ready to go in the right direction. It was not the easiest path, but I had the opportunity to rediscover myself and have everything that I would have lost in the others. I left more confident, eager to continue doing what I believe in, ready to make changes while remaining authentic. Throughout our collaboration, I felt that it was mainly about me. I believe that we will continue to work together and I can only recommend cooperation with Lucka to everyone.”

Šedivec Petr
Petr Šedivec
Team leader Hartmann-Rico

“Working with Lucka is always equal parts pleasant and beneficial for me. For several years, we worked closely together as part of the top management of an international company. Lucka always brought optimism, good mood and well-being to work. At the same time, I appreciated her for her ability to give structure to things, for her insight and hard work, sincere interest in people, reliability and drive for the goal. Recently, I have had the opportunity to work with Lucka on my own project, where she helps me clarify where I am going, what I want and how to achieve it. Her well-aimed questions make it easy to find the right answers without forcing her opinions on me. At the same time, her perspective is always inspiring to me and pushes me forward. Her enthusiasm and genuine desire to get things moving is a great motivation for me, so I enjoy every work meeting.”

Chamradová Alice
Alice Chamradová
HR director and internal coach at Danone

“Lucie Hejhalová is a person I respect for her experience in leading teams and brands and for her great ability to charge people around her with positive energy. As part of the cooperation, I really value the personal, human approach and open conversations about the topics chosen by me. I can count on her to help me think through questions from both business and personal or team development. She knows how to ask questions, so she pushes me further in my thinking and opens up new horizons.”

Sobol Robert
Robert Sobol
Marketing Director

“Thanks to her many years of experience, Lucie is a very valuable professional development guide for me. She helps me find the right balance between the emotional and rational side of my self. Each of our sessions is a great benefit for me, because it is not only a detailed discussion of the problem, but above all a search for a solution.”

Kadlecová Eva
Eva Kadlecová
Senior Brand Manažerka Ice Cream Impulse

“I know Lucka Hejhalová not only as a marketer but also as a mentor. In the role of a mentor, she makes excellent use of her several years of work experience. Shee is a positively oriented person who constantly works on herself. She has a very good ability to listen to others and at the same time an intrinsic interest in helping others to succeed. As a mentor, she helped me several times to define the right path with well-targeted questions and to think about other options for solving the problem. She energizes people.”

Hulíková Alexandra
Alexandra Hulíková
Marketing Manager Nutrilon

“Lucie is one of the best marketers I’ve worked with. The experience she has gained throughout her career makes her an excellent strategist: she will uncover key opportunities and problems, help the team find solutions and create a vision. Recently, Lucie helped me a lot in creating a strategy for the fats category on the Czech and Slovak market. In addition, her positive attitude makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Čechura Jan
Jan Čechura
Country Manager BCS (CR/SR)

Lucka is a great mentor for us and has become an important part of the marketing department at As an experienced marketer and a great opponent, she gives very apt suggestions that helped us to fine-tune our marketing strategy. Thanks to his experience, she can also take us beyond the borders of the Alza world and thus expand our horizons. I see great added value in the field of working with people, building teams and helping with leadership. But Lucka goes even further – at certain moments she becomes a personal coach, if not a psychologist. I evaluate each of our meetings very positively, I always take away specific points that help me not only in my working life.”

Sadílek Jan
Jan Sadílek
Alza Marketing Director

I have been working with Lucka Hejhalová for approximately 3 months. As part of HR plans for the new business year, I needed to anchor my thoughts and plan individual events. My need was to set individual sub-steps and stick to them. Cooperation with Lucka fulfilled my expectations, she was always prepared at every meeting, read my preparation in detail.¨
Lucka is an experienced mentor, she has a unique approach, she goes straight into the depth of topics, and above all, her sessions forced me to think more about things and elaborate on key topics in individual steps.

Sylva Havířová
Sylva Havířová
HR Director Ixperta

We approached Lucka at the beginning of the preparation of the marketing strategy for our SW division, we were looking for a perspective and new ideas from outside our company. Our collaboration covered the necessary general and theoretical topics, but we primarily focused on practical and concrete steps – what and how to do to achieve the desired results.
In our case, this is a long-term strategy, we are satisfied with the interim results, and we still keep Lucka alert and use her for ongoing consultations.

Jan Kašpárek
Jan Kašpárek
Head of SW Business Unit at IXPERTA, member of the Board

I have known Lucie for many years, first as a top marketing manager with rich experience, overlap, strategic vision, creativity, ability to grasp any challenge and turn it into a meaningful, successful result. Always with enthusiasm, empathy and a large amount of positive energy, so it was a pleasure for the team to work with Lucka.
Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Lucka as a consultant on my personal topic of my further work and personal direction. During several meetings, she helped me clarify what is really important to me in life and work, in which areas are my strength, added value and source of self-confidence. She explored several possible paths with me in greater depth, until a meaningful direction crystallized from them, with which I sympathize.
I appreciate several things about Lucka’s approach: she is a pragmatic mentor / coach, not a theorist – thanks to her own rich experience with working in a corporation and with her own business. She actively searches for a way/solution with the client, contributes with inspiration, experience, openness and pragmatic evaluation of options. She creates a completely safe and very friendly space for open sharing for the client. The entire process has a clear structure and goal orientation, always with full respect for the client’s current needs.
Thank you very much and I warmly recommend working with LucKa to everyone who is looking for their own path to fulfillment, or a vision and strategy for their business or company.

Jarmila Šimková
Jarmila Šimková
People & Culture Manager

“Lucka has a professional approach, but she is also very friendly and empathetic. Her many years of work experience and talent in communicating with people make her a great mentor. She asks very smart questions that make me look at a problem from a different angle, and because of that I often find a solution myself. I feel how working with her advances and enriches me. I leave the meetings feeling like I have the business firmly in hand and I have clear priorities within the strategy she helped me set.

Strnadová Katarína
Katarína Strnadová
Commercial Manager Vision Care

“I have used Lucka’s consulting services several times in the last year. Thanks to her experience in the field of marketing, leadership and years of cooperation with companies of different nature, she is an excellent partner not only for setting up a marketing strategy, but also for thinking about setting up a change in the company.
I also appreciate her ability to empathetically “connect” to a person and her needs; definitely do not expect learned and unified recommendations and lessons. As a consultant, I can responsibly recommend her!”

Hořáková Veronika
Veronika Hořáková
Commercial Excellence Director CZ&SK

Cooperation with Lucka was not only productive, but also very pleasant. She is a professional with a lot of experience in the field of marketing, who can turn every meeting into an experience. We worked together on the analysis of content marketing and the creation of a marketing and communication strategy for each division of our company. Thanks to this collaboration, we were able to identify our strengths, areas that need to be worked on, and propose the steps that we need to take to achieve the set goals. Cooperation with Lucka helped me to better understand my skills and abilities in the field of marketing and to find ways to develop further in this field. Our meetings were a great inspiration for me.

Katarína Kubů
Katarína Kubů
Marketing Manager

Cooperation with Lucie was very beneficial for us and helped us set further direction of ČBA EDUCA. Lucie very quickly understood the individual parts of our business and was able to help us think in depth, look at things from different points of view, and name the problems precisely. Working with Lucie is also very pleasant. We did a great deal of work together, for which we owe Lucie a big thank you.

Monika Zahálková
Monika Zahálková
Executive Director of the Czech Banking Association, ČBA

“I turned to Ms. Hejhalová when I needed advice and recommendations on how to make myself visible to customers, how to reach them and win over them. I needed a slightly more strategic marketing perspective. We discussed a lot of things during the two-hour consultation. I learned what my mission is, how not to sell services, but to offer satisfaction of needs and who is actually my customer whom I want to reach. So yes, the consultation helped me to realize very important things that will allow me to better and more effectively aim at the goal. In Ms. Hejhalová, I appreciate not only her expertise, but also her empathy, humanity, and her passion for coaching and personal development, which give her the right combination of added values ​​that I was looking for and maybe you are looking for too.”

Filip Sirůček
Ing. Filip Sirůček
Bussiness intelligence specialist

“I decided on the workshop on strengths with Lucka Hejhalová for several reasons. On the one hand, I came to the conclusion that I’m not doing the work I should, on the other hand, primary school raised me to improve in what I’m not good at, but no one supported what I was good at. So, in those x years, I’ve actually forgotten what I’m good at. And besides, I feel like I don’t know much about myself.
I had more private tips, but the result surprised me – my natural talent is lecturing and teaching. It is true that I have been lecturing since the beginning of my professional life, from 10-minute lectures to full-day classes. I always saw this as a necessary evil. So I’m starting to think differently about this part of my professional life and I’m curious where the relatively clear instructions will lead me 🙂 Thank you very much for another self-discovery experience :-)”

Tomešová Jitka
Jitka Tomešová
nutritional therapist

“I turned to Lucie in the phase of burnout in the area of ​​my business. The very first meeting was effective and very beneficial. Through our joint discussion, we found the areas that I should focus on in order to find the true entrepreneurial intention, motivation and personal reboot in myself again, and I succeeded! Personally, it was a “chore” for me when searching for the “correct” answers in myself. As soon as I clarified my direction, new ideas came. Each subsequent meeting with Lucka moved me a little further, in terms of my direction not only in the work area. I am glad that Lucka was my guide at that time. I also followed her e-book – WHAT TO DO IN BUSINESS, which was a driving force for me at the time. There are many coaches and mentors on the market, but Lucka stands out from them not only with her humane, empathetic approach, but also with her professionalism and punctuality. Every bit of her advice and the way she guided me helped me clarify my direction not only in the work area.”

Milena Frantová

“I consider the cooperation with Lucie to be very beneficial. The cooperation helped me firmly grasp the right end of my less concrete business plan and make it clearly concrete. At the end of our collaboration, I had a clear and concrete business plan for my new business that I believe in and feel good about. I have a very positive perception of attentive listening to my ideas and needs, as well as exemplary adherence to deadlines.”

Pok Luboš
Luboš Pok

“It was clear to me that I would definitely not see Lucka for the last time after a few minutes after she opened the door for me. She is an incredibly nice person, smiling, empathetic and attentive. During the meetings, I felt like I was at home or at a friend’s place for coffee – a pleasant atmosphere and fun, but at the same time we did a lot of work every time. Lucka helped me organize my thoughts, plans and desires and, last but not least, decide to take certain steps. She gave me a different point of view on many things and made me think about interesting connections between professional and private life. Lucka is a professional and you can see that she enjoys her work. She was perfectly prepared for every meeting and everything went smoothly. She gave order and system to our conversations (which is why they were effective and led to results), but at the same time I knew that I could manage their content in any way and at any time according to my requirements and needs. Thank you and I wish you many more satisfied clients!”

Dušková Kateřina
Kateřina Dušková
dental hygienist

“Thanks to Ms. Hejhalová, I learned what mistakes I made at the beginning of my business and how to correct these mistakes. After my meeting with Mrs. Hejhalová, I know what I can do to develop my business. Without her help, I would not have come up with these important marketing steps myself. Her empathy, ability to listen, find problems people are not aware of and ability to develop a strategic plan is astounding. I can recommend Mrs. Hejhalová to everyone who is starting a business or running a business.”


“The result of our meeting with Lucka is that I am clear, framed and targeted – I know what to do, I feel relieved and confident that I will not make marketing moves by trial and error. It all looked simple, but I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself – I was comfortable focusing on one specific area of ​​my business – swimming lessons for children, and I liked the structure of the meetings. Before I dive into marketing activities to support other areas, I will be happy to contact Lucka again. It saves me a lot of fumbling and wasting energy somewhere that doesn’t make sense or isn’t the right time. After sitting with Lucka, I feel really a step further.”

Minaříková Gábina
Gábina Minaříková

“Lucka Hejhalová is a wonderful person. She always knew how to listen perfectly, understand and direct to the most optimal solution. During our several years of cooperation in the company, she led her team, including me, with enthusiasm, enthusiasm, but at the same time pragmatism. Therefore, even during my professional life change towards my own business, she was logically the first choice for me. She helped me in a non-violent way to confirm the correctness of my next direction, showed me a new perspective on the issue, helped dispel uncertainty and fears, showed me new possibilities. If you are looking for an inspiring coach with a big heart and rich experience from the business environment, then Lucka will definitely be the right choice for you.”

Bašistová Jaroslava
Jaroslava Bašistová
Floral Designer

“I met with Lucka to clarify priorities and thoughts regarding the organization, structure and steps in my company. Her analytical, clear and quick approach in our “only” two meetings, which brought an immediate result, was fascinating to me and exactly what I was looking for. Lucie has experience that I lack. I’m looking forward to the next meeting, the time spent with her was very beneficial to me.”

Sklářová Michaela
Michaela Sklářová
Founder of Living Qigong, School of natural treatment

“I left the consultation with a clear idea of ​​the product and target groups. I have clarified and sorted thoughts in detail. Great class – really effective and packed. I could feel great life and work experience. Very interesting and inspiring for me for the future as well.”

Mullerová Yvonne
Yvonne Muellerová

“We only had one session with Lucka, but we can say that she supported us a lot. We received important feedback from her on our business plans and the company’s basic philosophy. It was also important for us that we could see some things from her point of view, which sparked further discussion between us and gave impetus to the emergence of new ideas. Our goal at the meeting was to determine a communication strategy for the website, which we believe we succeeded. We also liked the fact that Lucie herself recommended that we first verify everything in practice with the customer and then, if necessary, follow up with further communication.”

Jůnová Blanka
Blanka Junová

“I have a very specific plan in my hand – I came up with a fairly clear plan inside my head, and after Lucka and I put it into the structure of the marketing audit, God’s PLAN came to light. From that moment things HAPPEN, they are in motion – much more easily, as if by themselves. Our meeting was to the point, no lengthy circling around, straight to the point. I also liked the way Lucie presented the audit – clearly, comprehensibly, and at the same time sensitively. She was able to catch small thoughts on the topic, put them in their place. I recommend!”

Kodadová Hannah
Hannah Kodadová
Little Creative Business

“After the meeting with Lucka, I am no longer so nervous about my own livelihood. Lucie showed me the procedures and boundaries of the business and explained it to me in a language I could understand. She led the discussion and asked questions perfectly… she sensed what needed to be revealed and refined – ideas and talents then fell out of me without my knowing it. Thank you!”

Hanáková Zdeňka
Zdeňka Hanáková


Hourly rate = CZK 4,000

Non-binding request

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