Andrea Pisingerová
Marketing manager
Hartmann Rico

My experience with Lucie’s personal coaching was clearly one of the HIGHLIGHTS of the last year. Personally, I consider myself not an easy person to fully read and open up to, and I tend to keep my distance from strangers (even if they excel with references). However, Lucie completely disarmed me not only with her work and mental level, insight and experience, but also with her genuine empathy in every situation we discussed. Her methods, experience and complete calmness for dealing with burning situations were a complete hit for me. Lucie taught me that I can keep any situation under my control, and what seems impossible at the beginning, she breaks down into concrete steps in such a way that things seemed ridiculously simple and solvable. And how did I know that I was clearly in good hands? When I thought that Lucie would be a wonderful boss for me, who I would like to look up to.”