Milena Frantová

“I turned to Lucie in the phase of burnout in the area of ​​my business. The very first meeting was effective and very beneficial. Through our joint discussion, we found the areas that I should focus on in order to find the true entrepreneurial intention, motivation and personal reboot in myself again, and I succeeded! Personally, it was a “chore” for me when searching for the “correct” answers in myself. As soon as I clarified my direction, new ideas came. Each subsequent meeting with Lucka moved me a little further, in terms of my direction not only in the work area. I am glad that Lucka was my guide at that time. I also followed her e-book – WHAT TO DO IN BUSINESS, which was a driving force for me at the time. There are many coaches and mentors on the market, but Lucka stands out from them not only with her humane, empathetic approach, but also with her professionalism and punctuality. Every bit of her advice and the way she guided me helped me clarify my direction not only in the work area.”