Kateřina Dušková
dental hygienist

“It was clear to me that I would definitely not see Lucka for the last time after a few minutes after she opened the door for me. She is an incredibly nice person, smiling, empathetic and attentive. During the meetings, I felt like I was at home or at a friend’s place for coffee – a pleasant atmosphere and fun, but at the same time we did a lot of work every time. Lucka helped me organize my thoughts, plans and desires and, last but not least, decide to take certain steps. She gave me a different point of view on many things and made me think about interesting connections between professional and private life. Lucka is a professional and you can see that she enjoys her work. She was perfectly prepared for every meeting and everything went smoothly. She gave order and system to our conversations (which is why they were effective and led to results), but at the same time I knew that I could manage their content in any way and at any time according to my requirements and needs. Thank you and I wish you many more satisfied clients!”