Alice Chamradová
HR director and internal coach at Danone

“Working with Lucka is always equal parts pleasant and beneficial for me. For several years, we worked closely together as part of the top management of an international company. Lucka always brought optimism, good mood and well-being to work. At the same time, I appreciated her for her ability to give structure to things, for her insight and hard work, sincere interest in people, reliability and drive for the goal. Recently, I have had the opportunity to work with Lucka on my own project, where she helps me clarify where I am going, what I want and how to achieve it. Her well-aimed questions make it easy to find the right answers without forcing her opinions on me. At the same time, her perspective is always inspiring to me and pushes me forward. Her enthusiasm and genuine desire to get things moving is a great motivation for me, so I enjoy every work meeting.”